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Do you know what’s good for you(th)?

We do. What’s good for us is joy. Passion. Knowledge. Seeing ourselves represented up on a screen. A future free of gun violence, racial prejudice, mental health troubles, and a declining climate. A world that puts compassion above all.

Check out Surveillance isn’t Safety: one of our newest collaborations. SIS is a coalition of researchers, organizers, and high schoolers mobilizing to defund surveillance in schools & promote equitable initiatives that actually keep students safe.

Surveillance Isn’t Safety: The Article

Youth today are surveilled more than any prior generation. In an era of mass shootings, schools are buying surveillance technology to supposedly “keep kids safe.” We’re hosting a webinar to talk about why surveillance isn’t safety. Join us to build a coalition of young people fighting for a surveillance-free future.   Why is my school watching…

Come join.

Attend a webinar and learn how school surveillance amplifies the school to prison pipeline.

September 10th, 3:00 – 4:30PM EST

We are GOOD FOR YOUTH, an advocacy group working with digital, connected communities to create an equitable future for the next generation.

By harnessing the innovation and empathy of young folks today, our team aims to launch action projects + create literature pieces to accomplish our mission.


do good hubs

Curated lists of resources that help underprivileged, marginalized and at-risk young people. Take action + do some good for youth through our hubs!

btw, we’ve got some great events on the horizon

Join the Youthiverse.